Friday, August 10, 2007

40 Iowans Sign Iowa Values Not for Sale

40 Iowans Form Iowa Values Not for Sale Coalition to Prevent Mitt Romney from Buying the Iowa Straw Poll

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Des Moines - Today 40 Iowans publicly formed the Iowa Values Not for Sale coalition to bring attention to Mitt Romney’s efforts to buy the straw poll by paying grassroots activists anywhere from $500 to $25,000 per month for their friends’ votes.

The goal of Iowa Values Not for Sale is to keep Mitt Romney near or below 50% in the Iowa Straw Poll voting to prove that no matter how much money he spends and how many grassroots activists he pays, Iowa Values are Not for Sale.

Members will be conducting media interviews next week in the lead-up to the Straw Poll.

Please click this link to watch the video:

Coalition Members:

James R. Smith

“He lost me at the starting gate and has been using his money as his central strategy to buy the election”

Larry Reid


Julie Ahrens
, Iowa

Norman and Rose Marie Pawlewski

Des Moines, Iowa

Garland Miller


Kathleen Jorgensen

Des Moines, Iowa

Dennis Hill

Sioux City, Iowa

Boyd and Norma Halverson

Laurens, Iowa

Andrea Cerwinske


David and Carrie Garlich
Des Moines, Iowa

Jason Besler

Cedar Rapids, IA

Larry Boeckmann


John North


Ken Allbaugh


Maurice and Dorothy Knudsen


Joanne M. Gooch


Larry Ginger


Chris Bennett


Nathan Miller
Coralville, Iowa

Gerald and Virginia Edgar
Garner, Iowa

Workman Family


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